From the Journals… Singapore. February 24, 1989

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Mandarin DucksMandarin DucksMale Mandarin ducks (Aix galericulata) in water, Singapore We slept until 8:30, then went to the same Chinese restaurant and pastry shop as we went to yesterday.

It was a long bus ride (almost 1 hour) out to the Jurong Bird Park. Of course we got there not at 9 as planned, but at 11—just in time for the heat of the day. It is a well-designed park, utilizing the natural landscape where possible and attractive cages where necessary. Many of the areas are open, including a huge aviary, so it is possible to get good pix. I shot 1 roll. We were worn out after 2.5 hours of walking and standing in the heat, but it was worth it. We broke down and submitted—we had lunch at the Burger King at the park—no other options.



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