From the Journals…Still More from Palenque, Mexico. March 15, 1991

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The PalaceThe PalaceThe Palace, from Temple of Inscriptions, Ruins at Palenque. Chiapas, Mexico. I arrived at the ruins around 2, and spent the next 3 hours exploring, climbing, resting, shooting, and sweating profusely. It smells and feels like being inside a greenhouse. Running  around in this humidity is almost enough to make me think about a desk job in an air-conditioned office. Almost…

At 7:30 I went out for dinner. I’m healthy again! I found a taqueria right around the corner, opposite the zócalo. I filled up on tostadas and a taco, and rehydrated myself with water, lemonade, and a pineapple shake. Good deal.

I sat in the zócalo for a few minutes listening to the marimba music from the hotel across the street.


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