From the Journals… More from Granada, Spain. April 19, 2012

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Arch Detail 2Arch Detail 2Nasrid Palaces, La Alhambra. Granada, Spain. I was enjoying my second day of exploring at the Alhambra. (The weather was not cooperating--cold and rainy--on the officially scheduled day of my visit, so I am very glad I had come to explore the grounds of this complex yesterday when it was sunny.) I was admiring the craftsmanship that went in to building this palace. Such intricate and beautiful details!

This was the interior of the Nasrid Palaces, and because of the volume of people that want to see it, we are required to have a ticket and report at the precise hour to visit. It is challenging trying to photograph and get good angles while amongst a crowd of people being herded along. (And to keep people out of my compositions.) Anyway, it was definitely worth seeing.


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