More from Times Square, New York City, USA. October 28, 2013

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The City That Never SleepsThe City That Never SleepsTimes Square at Dusk, New York, New York, USA. There is always something happening in Times Square. Usually I pass through in a hurry, but this time I went there specifically to photograph, so I had my camera and tripod with me. I was trying to capture the chaos.

I tried some different exposures dragging the shutter to get some blur. I also tried some HDR photography, or High Dynamic Range, to try to capture the full range of light in the scene. This requires multiple exposures, some of them as slow as ½ second. These are then combined in the computer and refined from there. Not only did they capture the light, but there is some ghosting as people were walking by. I like it because it shows the motion I was after that gives the sense of activity.


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