From the Journals… Yet More from Châu Dôc, Vietnam. January 29, 2016

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Young GirlYoung GirlPortrait of a young girl in her home, Châu Dôc. An Giang, Vietnam. On the way back we stopped by a Cham area, populated by people of Cambodian descent. We cruised up and down this one street searching for somebody making sugar from a particular type of palm tree. I was hot and willing to give up the hunt, but Minh was determined to find it. He finally did, and we invited ourselves in to their home to watch and photograph. It is a hot job with the fire and the steam coming off these 3 huge vats as the sap is getting boiled down. The light was amazing, and the steam in the background made for some very dramatic shots. I was very excited and think these were the best shots of the trip. 



Minh Doan(non-registered)
This is a mazing shot in a day. They welcomed us there and happy to be photographed. The light from windows of the hut helped a lot. We were value their living as well as their welcoming
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