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Lightroom Deep Dive
Monday, February 19, 2018  9:00am to 4:30 pm

A Presentation for the Professional Photographers of Greater New York

Lightroom has been around for a decade and has proven itself to be a very powerful tool for processing your images and organizing your photos. While most professional photographers know about the basic functions of Lightroom, many are not using it to its full potential.

There are many timesaving features that perhaps get overlooked. If you are exporting images for the same purpose on a regular basis, have you created an export preset? Do you keyword images to help you find them later? We will spend a lot of time on the core modules—Library and Develop. As time permits I will give an overview of the output modules—Print, Slideshow, and Book.

Lightroom Mobile is an exciting aspect of this program. It is not just for taking photos. There are many options available depending on your workflow. Even if you have tried it in the past, Adobe has quietly added a number of features with which you may not be familiar.

My presentation will introduce you to many of these features. Hopefully it will stimulate you to come up with ideas about how to incorporate these items into your workflow to help you become more efficient.

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Burma (Myanmar) Travel Photography Workshop
November 26-December 10, 2018

If you have ever dreamed of an exotic and exciting trip filled with amazing photo-ops, this workshop is for you! Burma (Myanmar) is a very special place. A land of golden temples, beautiful sights, and wonderful people.

I am teaming up with colleague Ron Lake who has been teaching photography and leading workshops for years. We are excited to offer you a unique travel experience exploring this historic and lesser-known land that is beginning to reenter the world stage. We have chosen a time of year where the climate is delightful for travel.

We will be visiting sacred religious and pilgrimage sites, boating on Lake Inle, and poking around in myriad markets, which are always rich with photographic possibilities. We will see capitals of some of the former kingdoms, including the amazing Bagan with over 2300 temples scattered about this plain on the edge of the Ayerwady River. Wherever we go we have the opportunity to meet the gracious and gentle people who call this land home (and who always seem to welcome having their photo taken). Click here to read more about the workshop.





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