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From the Journals... Zanzibar, Tanzania. March 8, 1997

December 30, 2013 - I broke into a sweat at breakfast at 8:00 am. It is hot here, and I guess I shouldn’t be having 2 cups of coffee. We...
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From the Journals... Annapurna Trek, Manang, Nepal. December 19, 1988.

December 27, 2013 - Another day off, rather productive. I’m spending an extra day here at 11, 650’ to acclimatize to the altitude before mov...
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From the Journals... Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia. February 18, 2000

December 23, 2013 - Up at 6 to pee, and met another hosteler going to take pix at the 12 Apostles, a rock formation on the coast. Although m...
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From the Journals... Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. February 1998

December 20, 2013 - I was waiting for my lunch to be served, and my attention drifted to an ornamental pool in the courtyard of the restaura...
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Changing Seasons. New Rochelle, New York, USA. November 12, 2013

December 16, 2013 - Here are a couple of other images that I had time to work on from that special day last month. I like them because it is...
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Times Square,New York City, USA. October 28, 2013

December 13, 2013 - There is always something happening in Times Square. Usually I pass through in a hurry, but this time I went there speci...
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From the Journals...Kathmandu, Nepal, January 15, 1989

December 09, 2013 - Our main order of business was applying for a visa extension. After arriving there, it only took 15 minutes. From there...
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From the Journals...Hong Kong. February 1992.

December 06, 2013 - Back in the day I had the opportunity to fly as a courier to a number of exotic destinations for very little money. Hong...
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From the Journals...Chichén Itzá, Mexico. March 20, 1991

December 02, 2013 - I got up shortly after 6, and had breakfast at the bus station. I packed my stuff and stored it in the hotel office. I w...
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