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From the Journals...Hsipaw, Burma (Myanmar). January 19, 2011

July 29, 2013 - After breakfast at the hotel, Myo Myo (my wife) and I finally got going about 8:30. It was cool and there was still a fa...
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Last Week on the Connecticut River. Lyme, New Hampshire

July 26, 2013 - I had the opportunity to get away for several days of canoeing on the Connecticut River with my brother. This was a very...
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From the Journals...Chamonix, France. August 22, 1987

July 22, 2013 - Luckily, “work” today is in a very pleasant environment. Beautiful sunny weather with a slight breeze. Plenty of colorfu...
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From the Journals...Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, South Africa. January 30, 1997

July 19, 2013 - Our morning drive included suricates, caracal, yellow-billed kite, ostriches (including a family with 11 chicks), kori b...
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From the Journals...Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe. July 29, 1991

July 15, 2013 - We had a great canoe trip down the Zambezi River in the late afternoon, passing hippos and crocs, and many birds. We had...
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From the Journals...Abu Simbel, Egypt. April 3, 1989

July 12, 2013 - Our planned time of awakening was 4:20 am. We got dressed quickly, ate breakfast, and went out to meet the taxi. We had...
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From the Journals...Vigeland Scultpure Garden, Oslo, Norway. Sunday, August 2, 1987

July 08, 2013 - After doing some indoor sightseeing, I stepped outside to see that the sun was out, so I caught a tram to Vigelands Park...
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Happy Birthday, USA!

July 04, 2013 - I captured this image of the Statue of Liberty early one morning from the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. Sometimes...
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From the Journals...Fan Club, Seville, Spain. April 20, 2012

July 01, 2013 - I was wandering around the Plaza de España in Seville having a great time capturing the colors, light, and architecture.
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