Eric A. Wessman, Photographer, LLC | From the Journals…Still More from Bagan, Burma (Myanmar). February 1, 2011

From the Journals…Still More from Bagan, Burma (Myanmar). February 1, 2011

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Ancient TemplesAncient TemplesAncient temples, Bagan, Myanmar. I was out the door by 6:00am on a rented bike from the hotel. (Too low, and the seat kept falling back.) It’s scary riding in the dark when I can’t really see or be seen. I rode north searching for possible temple silhouettes that were not disrupted by telephone lines.

I found a place and set up. I got some okay pre-dawn sky, but then some much better shots with the rising sun just behind the temple.

I continued north to explore a bit, but the soft sand was too difficult to pedal in. I went back to the hotel for breakfast.

When I got back to the hotel after my morning shoot, Myo Myo was just waking up and eventually joined me at breakfast. She was feeling lazy so we hired a horse cart to take me around for a couple of hours.

It was too late for good light (about 9:15 am) and the scenery was not interesting. It was a bit of a ride up to the temples. Some okay stuff, but nothing of photographic merit. It was hot when I got back at noon.


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