Eric A. Wessman, Photographer, LLC | From the Journals… Châu Dôc, Vietnam. January 28, 2016

From the Journals… Châu Dôc, Vietnam. January 28, 2016

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Biking in BeautyBiking in BeautyChildren ride bikes along canal at sunset, Châu Dôc. An Giang, Vietnam. We checked in to the Dong Nam Hotel and were met by Minh's friend at 4:45 to go on a shoot. Minh rented a motorbike from the hotel. We drove outside of town, first stopping to make arrangements for tomorrow morning's shoot. We drove through some pretty countryside with very green rice growing in the fields. At an appropriate location on a dike with a canal next to it we set up our cameras. Minh's friend is a doctor who is a serious amateur photographer. He drove to the road to find some subjects for us. We started out using 3 kids on bikes, who he directed to go back and forth along our selected area.



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