Eric A. Wessman, Photographer, LLC | From the Journals… Kâmpôt, Cambodia. February 8, 2016

From the Journals… Kâmpôt, Cambodia. February 8, 2016

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Riverside Wharehouse 2Riverside Wharehouse 2Colorful plants line the dock of a wharehouse on the Kâmpôt River. Kâmpôt, Cambodia. I woke up before the alarm and got myself to the designated meeting place for my boat trip by 6:10. My boatman arrived on schedule at 6:30 and we started upriver, pretty much duplicating last night's trip. Obviously, the light was different and I did get some shots along the way, but I don't think anything spectacular. We stopped off at a mostly deserted wat. 


This was early in my morning cruise. I did a couple of variations using Nik software, and like the colors in this one.


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